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Principles to be followed in selecting refractories for glass kilns by magnesia-chrome brick manufacturers

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Principles to be followed in selecting refractories for glass kilns by magnesia-chrome brick manufacturers

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Principles that magnesia-chrome brick manufacturers should follow when selecting refractories for glass kilns. Refractories are the material basis of glass furnaces, which directly affect the overall efficiency of the furnaces. In glass furnaces, the amount of refractories is large, and the cost also accounts for the main proportion of the cost of the whole furnace. Therefore, the choice of refractories should be reasonable.

The overall objective of refractory selection for glass kiln is to consider both technical and economic factors comprehensively. Based on the physical and chemical properties, structural forms and critical service performance of refractories, the operating environment parameters of various parts of the kiln and the corrosion mechanism and mutual reaction of refractories at high temperatures, the accumulated detailed knowledge and practical experience on the actual operation performance of kilns and refractories are combined. Tests show that the refractories in different parts of the furnace are selected and matched reasonably so as to achieve corrosion balance, prolong service life and reduce the cost of the best use effect. Specific requirements are as follows.


① 满足必要的使用性能,如高温性能、化学稳定性、热稳定性、体积稳定性和机械强度。

2) It does not pollute the glass liquor and has little effect on the quality of the glass liquor.

(3) As long as possible service life.

(4) There is no contact reaction between refractories made of different materials at high temperature.

Minimum material consumption and heat dissipation loss.

High quality materials are used in vulnerable parts and general materials are used in other parts to achieve "reasonable matching and kiln age synchronization".

When selecting refractories for glass furnace, the following rules should be followed:

(1) The corresponding refractories should be selected and allocated according to the prescribed operating environment (requirements of raw material composition and batch melting, temperature system, atmosphere, pressure, and flame condition of fuel combustion) and the causes of burning loss and erosion of refractories during kiln design.

(2) The refractories which can reach the designed kiln age and reduce the physical and chemical properties of the burning and erosion and meet the requirements of the appearance size should be selected according to the designed kiln age and the burning loss and erosion rate of refractories used in various parts of the kiln.

(3) Two different refractories with chemical reactions should be avoided at service temperature. When necessary, transitional bricks or layers should also be set between two different refractory masonries. Otherwise, the lowest eutectic point will be formed, which will accelerate the burning and erosion of refractories and greatly affect the kiln life.

(4) The refractories used in the contact area with glass liquid should minimize the transverse cracks of bricks in order to avoid borehole erosion. (Especially fused zirconium corundum brick), otherwise the erosion rate of materials will be accelerated.

_When building refractories, the required refractory mud should have the same properties as bricks. Refractories of different materials and refractory pastes shall not be mixed.

When choosing and configuring refractories, they should be economical, reasonable and appropriate. When choosing the parts of high-grade refractories, they should be high-grade refractories. Otherwise, it will not only affect the glass kiln life, but also cause great waste and poor economic rationality.

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