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Market Prospect of Unshaped Refractories

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Market Prospect of Unshaped Refractories

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For refractory practitioners, the market in recent years is not optimistic, the depression of the steel market also directly affects the development of refractory enterprises and market demand. In addition, the demand for refractories in glass and cement industries is much less than before. However, with the concept of low-carbon environmental protection becoming the main theme of society, many fields are practicing low-carbon environmental protection, regenerative bricks, refractories are the same. Many environmentally polluting refractories are fading out of our lives. Green refractories have become the development trend and future of refractory industry in 2016.

According to Find Refractories Network, the profit margin of some refractory enterprises is low, and the profit margin of some products is even only 1%, while that of some large refractory enterprises can reach 5% - 10%, which reflects the hot and cold market demand of refractory products with different technology content. There are also enterprises that say that the current products are in the state of loss sales, mainly because of the large inventory of enterprises, at the end of the year in order to liquidate inventory cash, they have to sell at a loss. "Our industry is not something that you snap up immediately after losing money. It's no match for the eggs in the supermarket." "The price of eggs in supermarkets has fallen," said a salesman from an unshaped refractory company. A group of uncles and aunts queued up to buy, but refractories were not good, the downstream market demand was insufficient, the supply was oversupply, and the product price was no lower.


At present, the State encourages industrial products to adapt to the development of the situation and actively carry out transformation and upgrading. For enterprises, how to reduce costs and increase profit margin is the most concern of enterprises.

For the emerging refractory e-commerce, it is a new business model. Looking for refractory network is to provide trading platform for refractory buyers and sellers, but also for refractory manufacturers to achieve transformation stage. In 2016, we will optimize and adjust the category structure on the basis of improving the quality, stability and reliability in an all-round way, greatly tighten the general level of products, devote ourselves to improving the share of excellent and efficient finished products, focus on developing green and high-tech refractory products, and vigorously develop their own distinctive constituent raw materials and corresponding functional refractory product series.

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