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Providing new and good opportunities for the development of magnesia-chrome brick indus

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Providing new and good opportunities for the development of magnesia-chrome brick indus

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China's metallurgical industry will continue to develop steadily, and the growth rate in quantity and scale will slow down. However, in terms of improving quality, developing varieties and reducing energy consumption, regenerative bricks are required to reach a higher level. Magnesium carbon brick manufacturers, therefore, backward, obsolete technology and equipment will gradually be eliminated, and the promotion and application of advanced technology and equipment will be accelerated. What are hot bricks? For example, in the iron and steel industry, furnace and small blast furnaces, converters and electric furnaces will be eliminated, while continuous casting and out-of-furnace refining will be developed and applied at a faster speed. Magnesium chrome bricks, magnesia bricks, magnesia mortar, these conditions will be refractory bricks


Production of magnesia-carbon brick

They all strive for survival and development, and the decisive factors are as follows:

(1) The stability and reliability of product quality;

(2) To roduce more high-efficiency products with suitable price and competitive price for refractory bricks;

(3) Ability to develop high-quality new products with better performance and provide good after-sales service.

It can be predicted that the refractory brick industry in China will adjust the product structure and increase the output of high-efficiency products in the future. The development of bauxite-based high-efficiency products should be accelerated to further improve their quality and reduce costs. The competition between refractory bricks and amorphous materials (including prefabricated products) will continue in the future. The production proportion of amorphous materials will increase considerably, and high-efficiency castables will take the lead: in this regard, micro-powder technology; (preparation and application) should be a focus of research and development.

Considering the high temperature properties (mechanical properties, thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance), oxide and non-oxide composites are promising new high-quality and high-efficiency refractory bricks, which may rise and develop gradually in the new century. This is an area worth exploring, investing and developing. For China's refractory brick industry, the beginning of the next century will be a period of structural optimization. Refractory brick manufacturers will be reorganized and adjusted; internal structure and management will be reformed; variety structure will be changed; process and equipment will be updated; adaptability to market economy will be improved. It is expected that China's refractory brick industry will catch up with the pace of high temperature industry development by 2020, and be able to adapt to the rhythm of International refractory brick industry market.

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