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Uses and related properties of magnesia bricks

2022-02-15 15:32:07

Chemical and Mineral Composition: Regenerative Bricks

The chemical composition of magnesia bricks varies with the magnesia raw materials used. In the mineral composition of magnesia bricks, the main crystal is periclase, which accounts for 80% to 90% of the mass of magnesia bricks. The matrix compounds are magnesium ferrite (MF), magnesium aluminum spinel (MA), forsterite (M2S), calcium forsterite and the like. The eutectic compounds composed of main crystal and matrix include: M-MF, M-MA, M-M2S, MF-M2S, MF-CMS, MA-M2S, MA-CMS, CMS-M2S, etc. Magnesia brick manufacturers

Since the main crystal of magnesia brick is strong basic periclase, it has high density (about 3.5g/cm3), less moisture, high molding pressure, low apparent porosity (about 19%), and high bulk density (about 2.8 g/cm3). ). Therefore, multi-mineral composition, strong alkalinity and high density are the remarkable characteristics of magnesia bricks.



heat storage brick

The use of ladle magnesia carbon brick magnesia brick:

Magnesia bricks are widely used in steelmaking furnace linings, ferroalloy furnaces, and iron mixing furnaces in the iron and steel industry due to their good high temperature performance and strong resistance to alkaline slag; Industrial lime kiln; glass industry regenerator lattice and heat exchanger; high temperature calcining kiln, shaft kiln and tunnel kiln in refractory industry.

Classification of magnesia bricks:

Magnesia bricks are generally divided into two categories: sintered magnesia bricks and chemically bonded magnesia bricks. Magnesia bricks with high purity and firing temperature are called direct-bonded magnesia bricks due to the direct contact of periclase grains; bricks made of fused magnesia as raw materials are called fused re-bonded magnesia bricks.


Magnesia bricks are less resistant to hydration at high temperatures. Although the raw materials and products of magnesia bricks have been calcined at high temperature, they are still hydratable. So in any case, pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof.