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Forsterite brick

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Forsterite brick

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Magnesium olivine brick belongs to a kind of weak alkaline refractory, its composition is 35%~55%.

A weak alkaline refractory. It contains 35%~55% magnesium oxide and a considerable amount of magnesium ferrite. The molar ratio of MgO/SiO2 in magnesia brick manufacturer is 0.94~1.33. The main crystalline phase is forsterite 2MgO. SiO 2 (abbreviated as M2Si). It has a certain ability to resist alkaline slag, high refractoriness and load softening temperature, and strong ability to resist iron corrosion. With peridotite, serpentine, pure peridotite and talc as raw materials, proper amount of sintered magnesia was added and sintered in an oxidizing atmosphere. The firing temperature increases with the increase of magnesia content. It can be used as lining for non-ferrous metal smelting furnace, steel-making open-hearth regenerator and cement rotary kiln.

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