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Gunning material

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Gunning material

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Detailed introduction

Gunning material is composed of refractories, chemical binders and additives with a certain particle size distribution. The unshaped refractories used in repairing the lining of thermal equipment are sprayed with regenerative bricks. It is a main type of jet material.

There are three kinds of spraying methods according to the state of spraying materials and spraying methods.

(1) Wet spraying, generally only thin layer repair.

(2) Dry spraying (also known as semi-dry spraying) can be used for thick layer spraying repair, which is the most widely used.

(3) By flame spraying, a compact spraying layer with high bonding strength and erosion resistance can be obtained.

According to the state of receiving sprayed material on the sprayed working face, it can be divided into:

(1) The spraying method of molten material can be divided into three kinds: flame spraying method, plasma spraying method and slag splashing furnace protection method.

(2) There are five kinds of cold material injection methods: slurry injection method, dry injection method, semi-wet injection method (or tidal injection method), mixed injection method and wet injection method.

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