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Magnesium-iron spinel brick

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Magnesium-iron spinel brick

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Magnesium-iron Spinel Brick Products and Functions of Magnesium-iron Spinel Bricks

Magnesium-iron spinel bricks are poorly understood. Magnesium-zirconium bricks should be magnesia products with MF as binder phase prepared by high-iron magnesite or adding iron oxide. MF can form solid solution with periclase, but the solubility varies greatly with temperature and atmosphere. When the temperature or atmosphere changes repeatedly, MF will dissolve from intragranular spinel to intercrystalline spinel or crystallize on cleavage plane to form secondary dissolving spinel. The plasticity of the product decreases and the thermal shock mode becomes worse, but it has no obvious effect on the high temperature performance

The firing zone of cement rotary kiln should replace magnesia-chromium brick. Magnesium dolomite brick, magnesia-alumina spinel brick, aluminium-iron spinel brick and high alumina unburned brick can also be selected. Magnesium dolomite brick mainly solves the hydration problem. Magnesium-alumina spinel brick hanging kiln skin is poor. Aluminum-iron spinel brick is produced by Magnesium Company.

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