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Yingkou Zhongyan magnesia brick technology research and Development Co., Ltd

Address: Guantun Town, Dashiqiao City, Liaoning Province

Tel: 13464462696

Contact: Manager Hou

Website: http://www.ykzymz.cn

Email: houxiwen2010@163.com

QQ: 1419518016

Company Profile

Yingkou Zhongyan Magnesium Brick Technology R&D Co., Ltd. is located in Dashiqiao City, Liaoning Province, "China's Magnesium Capital". It is a professional manufacturer of alkaline magnesia materials. The main products are glass, steel, cement, and unshaped refractory materials for submerged arc furnaces. Refractory.

Relying on the advantages of raw material origin and modern production equipment, and with the technical support of cooperation with various enterprises, "Zhongyan" has become a basic brick product in the glass industry, and is a reliable high-quality refractory material supplier in the non-ferrous, metallurgy, cement and other industries. .

The products of Yingkou Zhongyan Magnesia Brick Technology R&D Co., Ltd. have been sold well all over the country and exported to the United States, South Africa, India, Germany, Canada, Ukraine, Japan and other countries, and have been recognized and highly praised by the world refractory market. Warmly welcome domestic and foreign users and friends from all walks of life to cooperate sincerely with our company.