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Unshaped refractory market prospect

2022-02-15 16:01:24

For the refractory practitioners, the market in recent years is not optimistic, and the depression of the steel market also directly affects the development of refractory enterprises and the market demand. In addition, the demand for refractory materials in the glass and cement industries is not as good as before. Magnesia zirconium bricks, however, as the concept of low-carbon environmental protection has become the main theme of the society, many fields are practicing low-carbon environmental protection, and the same is true of refractory materials. Many refractories that pollute the environment are fading out of our lives, and green refractories have become the development trend and future of the refractory industry in 2016.



According to the website of looking for refractory materials, the profit margin of some refractory enterprises is relatively low, and the profit rate of some products is even only 1%, while the profit of some products of some large-scale refractory enterprises can reach 5%-10%. It reflects the market demand for refractory products with different technical contents. Some companies also said that some products are currently selling at a loss, mainly because some companies have a large inventory, and they have to sell at a loss in order to clear the inventory and cash out at the end of the year. "Our industry is not something that you buy immediately at a loss. It is incomparable to the eggs in the supermarket." A salesperson of an unshaped refractory material company said, "The price of eggs in the supermarket has dropped. A group of uncles and aunts lined up to buy them. But refractory materials are not good, the downstream market demand is not enough, the supply is oversupply, and the product price is not low enough to buy it."

 magnesia zirconium brick

 At present, the state encourages industrial products to adapt to the development of the situation and actively carry out transformation and upgrading. For enterprises, how to reduce costs and increase profit margins is the concern of enterprise Z.

 For the newly emerging e-commerce of refractory materials, it is a new transformation business model. Looking for refractory material network is to provide a trading platform for refractory material buyers and sellers, and also a stage for refractory material manufacturers to achieve transformation. In 2016, on the basis of comprehensively improving quality, stability and reliability, we optimized and adjusted the type structure, greatly reduced general-level products, committed to increasing the share of high-quality and high-efficiency finished products, focused on the development of green high-tech refractory products, and vigorously developed Excellent composition raw materials and corresponding functional refractory product series with their own characteristics.