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Seven characteristics of high-quality heat storage bricks

2022-02-15 15:40:06

Seven characteristics of solid heat storage bricks: Magnesia zirconium bricks

Heat storage: effectively reduce energy loss, and the heat storage efficiency can reach 99%. Magnesia brick price

Heat release: The thermal conductivity of the low temperature section is improved, and the heat release speed is accelerated.

Fire protection: reach the national standard or A grade.



Magnesia zirconium brick manufacturers

Clean and environmentally friendly: it will not cause secondary pollution of the air.

High density: each cubic meter weighs about 3 tons, which greatly increases the heat demand.

Plasticity: Various specifications and models can be designed according to industrial and mining requirements.

Durable: up to 20 years of service life.

Solid thermal storage products are widely used in thermal storage electric heaters, thermal storage electric boilers, regenerators above 10000V, metallurgy, building materials (cement glass), non-ferrous metal smelting, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, machinery manufacturing and other industries.