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What are the characteristics and functions of magnesium alloy and magnesia-chrome brick?

2022-02-15 15:41:04

Magnesium alloy is an alloy material made of magnesium element. The characteristics of magnesium alloy are low density, high strength, high elasticity, good heat dissipation, etc. Now aluminum alloy is widely used in various fields because of its good performance. Mainly used in aviation, aerospace, transportation, chemical, rocket and other industrial sectors. Magnesia-chrome bricks, magnesia bricks, and magnesia fire clay are gradually popularized and applied in China because of their high-strength thermal performance and long service life. The following introduces the characteristics of magnesium alloys and magnesia-chrome bricks.

Properties of high temperature resistant magnesium alloys:

The main alloying elements of AZ91HP high temperature magnesium alloy are aluminum, zinc, manganese, cerium, thorium and a small amount of zirconium or cadmium. At present, the most widely used magnesium alloys are magnesium alloys, followed by magnesium manganese alloys and magnesium zinc zirconium alloys. magnesia chrome brick

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Product application of magnesium alloy:

AZ91HP high temperature resistant magnesium alloy plate is mainly used in aviation, chemical industry, and other industrial sectors; high temperature resistant magnesium alloy is used for steel desulfurization. At present, smelting aluminum alloys accounts for almost half of the global magnesium consumption; magnesium alloys are used as structural parts, and are not as widely used as aluminum alloys due to cost reasons, except in the aerospace field. The rear improves shock absorption and light weight, and uses magnesium alloy on the steering wheel and seat.

What is the heat resistance temperature of magnesium alloy magnesia chrome bricks?

The maximum ambient temperature of this product is 1700℃. Under the load condition of 1500℃~1650℃, the magnesia-chrome brick has the characteristics of high strength, high load softness, high alkali resistance and high thermal shock, and it is easy to hang alkaline kiln skin. Compared with similar products used internationally, magnesia-chrome bricks have great advantages in environmental protection and long life, and have strong international market competitiveness.