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What are the types of magnesia-chrome bricks for industrial supplies?

2022-02-15 16:19:22

Magnesia-chrome bricks are widely used in industry, construction and other fields because of their high-quality properties such as heat resistance and pressure resistance. There are also several different types of magnesia-zirconium bricks. There are three main types of magnesia chrome bricks:

1. Burning magnesia-chrome bricks:

The fired magnesia-chrome brick is made of high-quality magnesia and chrome ore fine ingredients. The content of Cr2O3 is adjusted according to different needs. The product has good thermal stability and high temperature performance.

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2. Directly combine magnesia chrome bricks:

Directly combined magnesia-chrome bricks use chrome ore with low impurity content and high-quality high-purity magnesia as raw materials, which are formed by high pressure and fired at high temperature above 1700℃. Good high temperature performance and strong slag corrosion resistance. Resistant to cement clinker erosion. Widely used in non-ferrous metallurgical furnaces and cement rotary kilns.

3. Semi-recombined magnesia-chrome bricks and recombined magnesia-chrome bricks

Semi-rebonded magnesia-chrome bricks and re-bonded magnesia-chrome bricks use part or all of fused sand (electrofusion synthetic sand) as raw materials, fine ingredients, high pressure molding, ultra-high temperature calcination, good particle bonding, high product strength, and stable volume It has good performance and is widely used in RH, VOD, AOD and other out-of-furnace refining devices, non-ferrous metallurgical furnaces, etc.