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What is the difference between magnesia carbon brick and aluminum magnesia carbon brick

2022-02-15 15:30:50

What is the difference between magnesia carbon bricks and aluminum magnesia carbon bricks? The difference between magnesia carbon bricks and aluminum magnesia carbon bricks is that the raw materials used are different. Magnesia carbon bricks are resin-bonded bricks made of fused magnesia. Made of sand and graphite. Magnesia zirconium bricks, if necessary, can also add antioxidants, magnesia carbon bricks perform well in heat resistance, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance and spalling resistance. Magnesia-carbon bricks are mainly used in converters, electric arc furnaces, linings of DC electric arc furnaces, ladle slag lines and other parts. magnesia chrome brick


Magnesia alumina carbon bricks are made of high quality bauxite, corundum, fused magnesia and graphite. Alumina magnesia carbon bricks have proper residual expansion, low thermal conductivity and better insulating properties. Aluminum-magnesium-carbon bricks are used for the slag line of the ladle, the lower part of the ladle wall, the bottom of the ladle and the free zone of the ladle.